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    *Markets included in the Major Markets:

  • S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Small caps, EX50, DAX, FTSE, Nikkei, Shanghai and EEM
  • Crude, Gold, Copper and GS-non energy
  • US and German 10y yields and bond futures

Our client philosophy – Only pay month by month


NorthernRaven uses a rather unique client philosophy. Clients pay Monthly without a tie up period. You pay one month ahead (whole month considered paid) and continues the service as long as you are satisfied. Contact us for other payment options

Our focus is on providing the best service to all our clients and building relationships that lasts. When our clients benefit, we benefit. We identify major market turning/inflection points for short‐term traders as well as for long‐term investors with focus on secular investment trends, which differentiates our product from competition and makes it a valued service for our clients. 

Our Services

DeMark© indicators to help you navigate the global macro markets on daily basis.
Our dedicated team with DeMark Indicator© expertise provides Global Demark Macro Analysis. In addition to our flagship service we provide for example Major Markets comments, Weekly Overview and other ad-hoc analysis. 

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