Referral program

We have decided to expand our services and we believe that the weekly newsletter as well as the Daily TA offer are extremely attractive for all sorts of professionals as well as high net worth individuals. As can be seen on the website there are different packages depending on need but the most popular is the weekly newsletter. We can easily share profit which benefits both parties. Northernraven´s clients includes major hedgefunds, asset managers and family-offices as well as bank desks.

As an award to our partners, we are offering a referral program to attract new clients and want to share the profits from referred clients with you.

  • When referring a new client to our services you will be eligible to the whole monthly fee they pay the second month.
  • For example, you refer 10 friends to sign up for the Weekly TA Overview for USD 99/month you will receive USD 999 the second month they pay.
  • If you refer 10 Daily TA clients you will get paid USD 1999 the second month.
  • If you refer more 10+ clients you will get an additional monthly pay after 12 months for each and everyone that is still a client.
  • >50 a 10% revenue share will be paid out monthly.
  • 30% revenue share over 500 clients.

If interested, the only thing you would have to do is to refer clients to us and be rewarded. It is as simple as that, we have the means and perhaps do you have the
new incoming clients?  We think it would be a fair deal, don´t you?