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Institutional-grade research developed and customized specifically for assisting individuals and institutions. 

Northernraven provides world-class macro analysis for smarter trading decisions to investment professionals worldwide. 

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Why Northernraven?

  • Trade smarter with Northernraven's world-class macro analysis and take advantage of our expert support for navigating the markets on a daily basis. Make your investment decisions based on top-class research instead of emotions.
  • With charts and notes, we provide detailed reports of the most important moves globally.
  • Anyone investing or monitoring the markets needs quality insights, day traders, investors, market watchers, family offices, mutual funds can benefit from our product customized specifically for individuals.
  • Now we have summarised our firm's research and converted it into a very competitive product.
  • For many years our international markets research was exclusive to institutions, hedge funds, and banks. Until now.

About Us

For more than 20 years we have been providing top-quality macro market analysis to our clients around the world. Since the start, we have always adapted and implemented new analytic insights and tools to provide the best possible end product. 

We take pride in continuously assisting major investors, such as hedge funds and banks, but also being able to offer this research to the smaller daily trader. Our goal is to always deliver accurate and precise research to investment professionals around the world.


What We Can Do For You

From veteran investors to beginners, information is the key to all investments but not all information is useful. Good information is vital, that is where our analysis comes in. Extensive detailed coverage of the important market moves and bringing it all together into one product for today's investor.

Traders of the markets follow signs, rumors, news, industry leaders, prominent official people, experience. However, trying to predict the future movements for a chance of investing at the right time is very hard. This is where Northernraven's analysis becomes a very useful tool.

Our product can be used as the primary source of analysis for investing, be it young traders who trade daily or monitoring the retiree's pension fund, perhaps the FX-pro trader needing secondary analysis.

Start out for free for your first week! This is an enticing offer to prove the uniquely powerful value of Northernraven.

How To Get Started

Global Macro Markets Analysis

  • Institutional-grade research made available for anyone in trading.
  • Extensive experience in the financial markets.
  • Updates of the major markets different asset classes.
  • Expert support to navigate the global markets.

Easy Sign-Up Process

  • Follow the instructions to start today.
  • Try it risk free with no tie-up periods.
  • Clients pay for one month ahead.
  • Cancel your subscription at any point.


Start Receiving Analysis

  • Daily emails containing charts, notes, explanatory details.
  • Trading alerts when important market events occur.
  • Begin receiving analysis covering the most important moves
  • You just made the natural step for smarter trading decisions.

Our Analysis

DeMark© Indicators, developed by Tom Demark and famous for being used by SAC and Paul Tudor Jones, has long been our tool for our Hedge Fund Global Macro Technical Analysis services.


What Customers Say About Us

I recommended daytraders to try the service! I am very happy about it!

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Deep insight in the markets helps a lot when you are a trader.

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