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Featured Chart: SPX - August 26th 2020

Global Macro Markets analysis using DeMark© Indicators with traditional TA

DeMark© indicators, developed by Tom Demark and famous for being used by SAC and Paul Tudor Jones, has long been our tool for our Hedge Fund Global Macro Technical Analysis services.

With NorthernRaven´s method, developed to assist Hedge Funds in their trading decision making, we are proud to have a number of the world´s top Hedge Funds as clients. Our research based on DeMark© indicators is available to anyone interested in the financial markets. 

Latest featured charts

Sunday April 5th 2020 - SPX
Monday 13th of April 2020
Wednesday 27th August - Nasdaq

Major Markets

Charts and notes with the most important moves in the global markets. Daily comment of the Major Markets*.

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Major markets

Get daily updates of the Major Markets* four different asset classes with short term views and levels. For example: SP500, EX50, US 10y yields, GE 10y yields.


  • SPX
  • NDX
  • Smallcaps
  • EX50
  • DAX
  • Nikkey
  • Shanghai
  • EEM

Focus on 3-5% moves

Within the Major Markets* focus is on the 3-5% moves within asset classes: Equity indices, Bonds, FX and Commodities.